Player Biographies & Career Statistics

This new feature focuses on the players, from 1920s+, including brief biographies, followed by summaries of their results in the World Championships, and their World Rankings. Click the title of the era you want to explore, and you will meet the champions of that era; then click on the player's name or their photo to see their data.

This is a work in progress and will continue to evolve to modern times. Version 1 contains limited text, which will be expanded as time permits. We are missing some photos - I encourage visitors to send any photos. As always, this work is a team effort, so corrections/improvements are welcome.

Often called the Golden Age of Table Tennis, this era was a fantastic time for our sport. Most everyone used the same type of racket, with pimpled rubber directly on wood of various plies, resulting in true tests of skill, characterized by wonderful long rallies of crisp attacking shots, great consistent defense and counterattack.

In most every sport there is debate about the influence of technology. The initial laws governing Table Tennis rackets were quite brief and permissive: "The racket may be any material, size, shape or weight." However, by the early 1950s new technology in the form of thick sponge surfaces, which created greater speed and spin, created much controversy.

After a long and winding road of nearly 50 years, Table Tennis joined the Olympic movement, first appearing in the Summer program in Seoul 1988. This infused not only great prestige for our sport, but also a major source of funding, as the Olympic profits were shared among the participating sports. The money helped each sport to invest in training & development programs and to improve their tournaments and infrastructure.