Chuck Hoey, Curator
Issue # 23
March 2011
ITTF Museum Newsletter
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Hello Friends ...

Seems like only a short time ago we were enjoying the holidays, and now we are well into the new year, planning for the World Championships in Rotterdam. Some great news to report, especially the donation of a torch from the 1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta, its final relay to the ITTF Museum. Now we need only the Barcelona 1992 torch to complete the series, from 1988 onwards. Hopefully our English friends will arrange for us to receive a torch from London 2012 Olympic Games.

I am also pleased to report some important visitors, including Mr Cho (KOR), Chairman of Korean Airlines and President of the Korean TTA, an official entourage from Kosovo, the Director of the new Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, a representative from the Musée Olympique, and Bruce Burton, ITTF Board of Directors.

We thank our friend from Zagreb, Radivoj Hudetz, who kindly donated 2 large boxfuls of official programs from all the tournaments he has attended over the years, now preserved for the historical record in the ITTF Archives. We received an extensive proposal from the prestigious audio-visual company, Point Prod (Geneva). This will help to improve our exhibits, to include more interactive audio-visual features.
Atlanta Olympics Torch !

Online Battle
There was high drama at the ITTF Museum in January, when 14 bidders competed on ebay for an Atlanta Olympic Torch. Opportunities for this torch are rare on ebay, sometimes in high-priced Olympics specialty auctions. On a whim I decided to do a search on ebay for this torch, and voila, there it was, with only a few hours remaining.
I decided to go for it, and was at the ready as the seconds ticked down in the final minute. My winning bid was entered with only 3 seconds left in the auction. None of the other bidders had enough time to react to my bid. I am pleased to announce that I will donate this torch to the ITTF Museum. This means we only need a torch from the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games to complete the series from 1988. Jordi?

The final relay for this torch from the
1996 Olympic Games in Atlanta.

Musée Olympique Visit

Anne-Cécile Jaccard tries our robot challenge

A representative from the Musée Olympique in Lausanne visited the ITTF Museum in February for some help. They are planning a "Hope" exhibit that will include Ping Pong Diplomacy, and wanted some items to enhance the exhibit. Anne-Cécile Jaccard, Project Officer for Exhibitions, Museology Services department, was impressed with the depth and breadth of our museum - "a gold mine"!

The ITTF Museum is delighted to cooperate with the prestigious Musée Olympique. On this occasion I donated a pair of the Nixon-Mao caricature rackets for their exhibition. Ms Jaccard was also impressed with the materials in the extensive Rufford Harrison Archives. I look forward to further collaboration.
Radivoj Hudetz (HRV) Donation

Our friend from Zagreb kindly donated hundreds of official programs from events he has personally attended over his long career. The programs are from all levels of Table Tennis events, including World Championships, World Cup, Pro Tour, and other major international events. The programs help to form the official record for these events, and I am happy that we can preserve them in our Archives. We remember our hard working friend from the 2007 World Championships in Zagreb. Thank you Radivoj for thinking about the preservation of important records of Table Tennis history, and for realizing their importance.
Radivoj Hudetz of Zagreb, author and veteran of worldwide Table Tennis events
VIP Visitors

Only 2 months into the year and we've already had several VIP visitors! Above (L-R), Cho Yang Ho, President of the Korean TTA and Chairman of Korean Airlines, Dr. Christian Wacker, Director of the Qatar Olympic and Sports Museum, and Bruce Burton, ITTF Board of Directors, North American Continental Representative. They all enjoyed the ITTF Museum tour, ending with our robot challenge.

Left: Besim Hasani, Kosovo National Olympic Committee President (center right), Vice Council Arjan Kashtanjeva (R) and Director of Sport Ziber Alaj (L), with ITTF Executive Director Jordi Serra. The Kosovo delegation was visibly fascinated by the ITTF Museum.
Rotterdam Exhibition

An ITTF contingent visited Rotterdam on 10-11 February for a series of coordination meetings, and to inspect the facilities for the upcoming World Championships in May. The venue, hospitality, hotel and food were all excellent. The Museum will have a space of 20m x 20m, in Hall 2, in the area of the major Table Tennis vendor booths. We are very pleased with this plan, and thank Ton van Hatten and his team for all the arrangements. See you in Rotterdam !

The huge Ahoy Center in Rotterdam
Venue for the World Championships
Audio-Visual Upgrade Proposal

Point Prod, a prestige group of audio-visual experts based in Geneva, have visited the ITTF Museum and prepared a modular set of proposals for upgrading our exhibits. Audio-visual and touch-screen techniques will infuse more life into our exhibits, as well as more interactivity. It has been my long time goal to develop a database of video clips of as many players as possible, with links to their career statistics. This capability will also be used for the ITTF Hall of Fame, as well as Para-Table Tennis. Such videos will give our visitors the opportunity to see their favorite players in action. The key to this concept is finding or creating 30-second video clips of the players. If you have such video clips, I encourage you to join the team and send the videos to the Museum.

ITTF Museum Targets

Targeting, an important
ITTF Museum strategy

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