Chuck Hoey, Curator
Issue # 22
January 2011
ITTF Museum Newsletter
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Hello Friends ...
Hope you all enjoyed the holidays and new year celebration, and some well-earned rest. Difficult to believe another year has passed - time flies when you are working hard. 2010 was another great year for the ITTF Museum, with historic acquisitions, important donations, website enhancements, and some very positive online visitation statistics.

I am especially delighted with the big jump in Museum website activity. The TT Collector magazine skyrocketed to 10.5 million pages downloaded during 2010, a 400% increase over 2009. Let's hope for another big year in 2011.

The year ended with a wonderful surprise, all the way from the south Pacific. Patrick Gillmann, President of the Oceania TT Association, kindly donated a Sydney 2000 Olympic torch, which was used in the traditional relay of the torch prior to the start of the Games. In a sense the torch has made its final relay.

Best wishes to all for a healthy and productive year!

Sydney Olympic Torch
The Final Relay

Patrick Gillmann, President of the Oceania Continental TTA, has donated a torch from the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games to the ITTF Museum. He presented the torch to ITTF President Adham Sharara (left) during the World Junior Championships in Bratislava.
This torch is special not only for its beautiful design, which incorporates the architecture style of the world famous Sydney Opera House, but also because it was actually used in the traditional relay running of the torch prior to the start of the Games.
Well traveled
According to Patrick “the torch was used in the relay around the Pacific Islands, finishing in Palau before the Sydney Olympic Games. The last relay in Palau was run by the late Jemmy Watanabe, past president of the Palau Table Tennis Association.”
Relay continues
In accepting this historic torch Adham observed: “The relay continues, from Oceania to Bratislava, then on to Lausanne, where it will join the other Olympic torches in the ITTF Museum.” ITTF Executive Director Jordi Serra relayed the torch to the Museum - the final relay.
Now the Museum needs only the torches from Barcelona 1992 and Atlanta 1996 to complete the series, which began with Seoul 1988, when Table Tennis first appeared in the Olympic Games.
ITTF Museum curator Chuck Hoey is delighted and grateful: “We thank Patrick for this thoughtful and generous donation, which helps us to preserve the great memories of the Sydney Olympic experience.” The year comes to an end with a fantastic gift.
SNOW! A rare experience for south Pacific islander Patrick Gillmann during his recent visit to the ITTF Museum
Winner of the Women's title at the Swiss Open in Lausanne, Xu Jie (CHN) tries out 110 year old rackets
Swiss Open Visitors

The 1st Swiss Open in Lausanne attracted some strong international players, and as a result there was a steady flow of visitors to the Museum. Accreditations were conducted at the ITTF HQs, providing a convenient opportunity for the players to view the Museum. I am pleased to report that everyone was visibly impressed, not only with the exhibits, but also in realizing that there is a magnificent place to preserve and promote Table Tennis history.

Congratulations to the winners, Joao Monteiro of Portugal and Xu Jie of China, as well as the Organizing Committee for a successful tournament.
Newgy Robots Donated

Two state-of-the-art Table Tennis robots were kindly donated to the ITTF Museum by Newgy founder Joey Newgarden. Newgy robots are world renowned for their quality, versatility and ease of use. Newgy Model 2040 is now installed in our Salle de Jeu on the DHS table from the 2005 World Championship finals. The winners of the 2005 World Singles titles are, appropriately, looking on in the background.
We thank Newgy for their generosity. Special thanks also to ITTF Museum Ambassador Caron Leff (USA) for her thoughtful coordination of this special donation.
Gerflor Conference

Worldwide Gerflor representatives met at ITTF HQs in November, providing an excellent opportunity to tour the ITTF Museum. Gerflor is well known for their floor coverings, including their familiar red Taraflex® for major Table Tennis events. Their technological innovations help to protect the athletes from stress injuries, and they are good color contrast for televising Table Tennis.

Gerflor executives have generously promised to install their flooring in our Salle de Jeu, and we are grateful for this future enhancement.
2010 Museum Statistics

The Museum website statistics are in, and I am delighted to report a major increase across the board.

After 2.82 million in 2009, I was optimistically hoping that the magazine would reach a new milestone of 5 million pages downloaded. My hopes were far exceeded: over 10 million pages downloaded in 2010. Special thanks to all who contributed to making the magazine so popular - I look forward to your continued support in 2011. Thanks also to Sharif Sourour for his excellent work on the Virtual Tour.

The Top Ten

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  • Virtual Tour
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  • Museum Website Updates

    By popular demand the Museum website: has installed two new features. In the lower right corner there are new links to World Championship results (round of 16 to finals), as well as a history of ITTF Rankings. At this time only men's and women's singles have been implemented for the World Championship results. Readers who can add or correct results with a verified source are encouraged to contact the curator:

    Note that clicking on the Champion's picture (PC only, not Mac - pending resolution) will show the player's career record on the ITTF Statistics database.

    Targeting, an important
    ITTF Museum strategy


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    Contact the curator to donate any items we are missing. Thanks for your help!
  • Ongoing Projects

    As usual the ITTF Museum has a wide array of ongoing projects. Doubtless there will be technical problems to solve along the way for all these projects. As is often said here at ITTF HQs: always something! Here is a taste of ongoing Museum activities and upcoming enhancements:

  • A selection of exhibition items, including antique rackets, photographs, balls, nets, touch-screen video software and other materials have been shipped to the Qatar Table Tennis Association for a future exhibition. I have prepared a general design of a series of modular exhibits which can be adapted to the allocated space.
  • Plans are underway for an exhibition in Rotterdam for the World Championships. A floorplan has been received, and our 400m2 space is in a good location, among the vendor booths and catering area. A Netherlands Foundation has requested to share some of our space ... to be decided.
  • A new Virtual Curator is in development, and might include some animation (now in testing stage). The "VCurator" will answer some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), and will be accessible via the Museum home page, possibly on Facebook as well.
  • Some local audio-visual specialists are visiting soon, and will submit a proposal for enhancing the Museum. I am looking forward to working with these experts to improve our museum experience.
  • The next issue of the TT Collector magazine will be published on 1 February, now in the production stage. This year it will be difficult to top the 400% increase in pages downloaded, but I accept this challenge and will do my best.
  • The Shanghai branch of the ITTF Museum is scheduled to open this year, when construction of the Shanghai Sport Museum is completed. Museum Friend Mr. Yao Zhenxu will handle this project, using materials from the ITTF Museum in Switzerland. Between our permanent museum, our traveling exhibition for the World Championships, The Shanghai branch, and the future Qatar Table Tennis Association exhibition, we are very fortunate indeed to have enough extra pieces to create all 4 museum exhibitions!
  • Many important website updates are pending implementation. These reflect new acquisitions and donations, as well as changes to the Virtual Tour when current exhibits are improved.
  • More World Championship scores need to be entered for Men's and Women's Singles and Doubles, now accessible via the Museum home page.

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    Did You Know ... ?
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