Chuck Hoey, Curator
Issue # 21
November 2010
ITTF Museum Newsletter
From the Curator's Desk

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Hello Friends ...

The annual autumnal delights are in full swing at the ITTF HQs and Museum. Busy times as always, with some VIP visitors, website development, our quarterly magazine just released, and some great donations. Very happy with our new logo (above left corner), thanks to ITTF Marketing Manager Steve Dainton. We also received some high praise from the International Swimming Hall of Fame for our website.
We were pleased to receive a visit from Lebanon's Minister of Youth and Sports and his delegation. Check out the Minister's smile - I think he enjoyed our Museum experience!
Also delighted that the incomparable Jean Devys visited, and he delivered more of his world-class collection to the Museum. FFTT colleagues Jean-Paul Simon and Gilles Corbion also visited. Jean-Paul wrote a very good article about Jean Devys and the ITTF Museum for the FFTT magazine.
London 2012 Competition Manager for the Table Tennis events, Richard Scruton took time out from his recent coordination visit to tour the Museum. He was especially impressed by some recent British acquisitions. We congratulate Richard for his appointment as Competition Manager, and wish him all the best for success.
Finally, please look at the Museum's targets and do your best to help us achieve our goals. The ITTF Museum must be a team effort, so I am counting on your support.

"... an incredible collection and of all the sports museums in the world, we find your online presence to be by far the best."

So wonderful to receive such accolades from one of the Olympic glamor sports! Special thanks to our sponsors & donors, to Sharif Sourour for his Virtual Tour, and to all the Museum team for helping us to earn this recognition. The websites, supporting web pages & online documents are an important component of the Museum's Communications Program, which convincingly demonstrate that Table Tennis is a major global sport with a great historic tradition. But we do not rest on our laurels - many website updates, new features and Museum improvements are planned. Stay tuned - we plan to become even better.
Lebanon Minister of Youth and Sports
Ali Hussein Abdullah enjoyed playing our robot
Lebanon Minister of Sport

The ITTF Museum was honored to receive a visit from a delegation from Lebanon, including the Minister of Youth and Sports, Ali Hussein Abdallah. They were present in the Swiss city to attend meetings at the offices of the International Olympic Committee. The Minister's delegation included: Antonie Hartier (NOC President), Tony Khoury (IOC Vice-President and IOC member), Ezzat Krayteim (NOC Secretary General) and Mazen Ramadan (Advisor for the Minister of Sports and Youth). All enjoyed the tour of the Museum, and the last room, our "Salle de Jeu", certainly put smiles on their faces during our robot challenge; always a good way to end our Museum tour, with a smile! I presented each of our distinguished visitors with a souvenir of the Museum as they departed, hopefully with warm memories of their visit.
Jean Devys Visits
ITTF Museum

In September we had the pleasure of receiving a VIP group from France, including legendary Jean Devys, who delivered many exciting and important items from his renowned philatelic collection, which he has donated to the ITTF Museum. Jean-Paul Simon accompanied Jean, and he explored the ITTF Museum in detail, preparing an excellent article about Jean Devys and the Museum for the FFTT, October 2010 edition. On the previous day Gilles Corbion visited, and he followed up by sending us his book: Mon Club - J'y joue, j'y vis! for the ITTF Library.
In honor of Jean Devys' donation I am developing an extensive website, with English and French versions, and the ability to view the collection from 4 different perspectives: chronologically by year, alphabetically by country, items relating to World Championships, and items relating to the Olympic Games. See below for more details and a direct link.

L-R: Jean-Paul Simon, Jean Devys, Jordi Serra
Richard Scruton Visit

The Competition Manager for the London 2012 Olympic Table Tennis events visited ITTF HQs in September for coordination meetings. Richard kindly took time out to tour the ITTF Museum, and he was particularly impressed with some of our recent British acquisitions.
The photo shows Richard (right) with ITTF Executive Director Jordi Serra at our new Fred Perry exhibit.
The One and Only Marty Reisman !

Legendary Marty Reisman arrived at the ITTF Museum, in the form of an original oil painting by renowned artist David Beynon Pena of New York. The painting, nearly 1.5 meters tall, captures the essence of the charismatic ambassador of the hardbat style of Table Tennis. At 80 years young Marty is still going strong, taking on all comers at hardbat Table Tennis.
The two-time USA Champion and internationalist did much to popularize the sport with a series of worldwide tours. He also defeated the 1952 World Champion in Japan, and won the prestigious English Open, defeating Victor Barna in the 1949 final. Marty rejected the sponge racket and has become an international icon for the classical hardbat style, which is now having a revival thanks to his unique form of Ping Pong Diplomacy.
Marty is also an icon at the highly successful SPiN club in New York City, as several photos of him with co-founder & Academy Award winning Susan Sarandon attest. Still slim and trim with a precise, consistent attack, Marty is featured in the BBC's Ping Pong Planet, in countless magazine articles and in many videos. His autobiography The Money Player was published in 1974, now a scarce collectors' item.
We thank everyone involved in making this donation happen, and congratulate David Beynon Pena for his great creation. All the best to the one and only Marty Reisman in his mission to preserve and promote classic hardbat Table Tennis!
Original portrait in oils
by David Beynon Pena

The latest ITTF Museum acquisition: rare ceramic shop display for Barna rackets, found in France. My gift to the Museum

Victor Barna Remembered

A rare item surfaced on eBay recently, and as it is related to legendary Victor Barna, the most decorated of all Table Tennis players on the World Championship podium, your curator just had to win it for the Museum. It is a large ceramic shop display stand for Barna rackets - an actual racket can slide through the hand. After our previous hand acquisition, the solid bronze hands modeled after Johnny Leach (see Newsletter 11), I tend to think the ceramic hand may have been modeled after Barna himself !
As the item was found in France, this may have been made by LUDARVA, who had a business relationship with Victor. Most older Barna rackets are Dunlops, with that characteristic brown (Barna in Hungarian means brown) pimpled rubber. But LUDARVA made a Barna racket with a picture decal, now quite difficult to find - the ITTF Museum is pleased to have this racket.
The shop display will make a great addition to our Barna exhibit.
Museum Website Updates

I am pleased to announce new websites in French and English for the magnificent Jean Devys philatelic collection. This is a tribute in honor of his lifelong dedication to Table Tennis and his wonderful donation to the ITTF Museum. Now the collection will be forever preserved and shared with the global Table Tennis community. Check it out at: (In English or French)

Targeting, an important
ITTF Museum strategy


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