Chuck Hoey, Curator
Issue # 19
July 2010
ITTF Museum Newsletter
From the Curator's Desk

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Five Year Anniversary!  

Hello Friends ...

Amazing how fast time passes - the ITTF Museum opened its doors to the public 5 years ago! Since then we have received visitors and groups from as far away as China, Korea and Japan, USA, Canada, Central America, South America, Africa, Iran, India, Sri Lanka, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, most all of Europe, 2 IOC Presidents ... as well as local officials, Table Tennis clubs and groups of young and old, as large as 150! Mr. Gao Xisheng, Vice-Director of the Chinese Sports Museum after his visit wrote "We think that the ITTF Museum is one of the best sports museums in the world ... very special and professional". High praise from an expert in the field!

And we are constantly improving: more interactive touch-screen videos, the Virtual Tour, fine art, rackets from World and Olympic Champions ... Our donation program is ever expanding as awareness of the Museum grows, and our magazine has become a great success, over 2.82 million pages downloaded in 2009.

Ongoing projects include our planned twin museum in Shanghai, a brochure for the Lausanne museum, enhancing our graphics and multi-lingual captions, outdoor tables, and a projection video system for our Age of Technology room.
Carlos Marin (HON)
Carlos Marin Visits ITTF Museum

Carlos Marin, President of the Central American Table Tennis Confederation and also the Honduras TT Federation President, visited the ITTF Museum in June. Carlos showed a keen interest in the Museum exhibits, and I wish he had more time to be able to study each piece. It was clear that Carlos has a great appreciation for the heritage of our sport. He also showed excellent strokes while playing our JOOLA robot. We look forward to his next visit.
China vs World Exhibition

The Shanghai branch of the ITTF Museum, in cooperation with the Shanghai Sports Museum, staged a Table Tennis cultural exhibition during the traditional China vs World matches in Shanghai, 29-30 June. Lead by Mr Yao Zhenxu, the exhibition included the extensive ITTF Timeline history, as well as 25 showcases and 44 light boxes. Much interest was generated by this exhibition, and Mr Yao reports that there will be a similar exhibition at the Asian Games in November. Congratulations to our friend Mr. Yao for his dedicated and excellent work!
ITTF Museum Website Update

Much activity to report on the ITTF Museum website. The impressive Virtual Tour made possible by Sharif Sourour is undergoing some important updates, which will give our online visitors a more current look at our Museum exhibits. Updates were also made to the Sport History galleries, showing the latest World Championship medals and pins. The galleries of programs have been expanded, with new galleries for the World Cup events, English Opens, European and Asian Championships. Two Card galleries have been moved from the Cultural exhibits to the Sport History side, as they focus on players and events.

Two problems were identified and solved, both relating to older versions of Adobe pdf software. Some users with Windows XP and Adobe Reader 8 were not able to access some of the TT Collector magazine issues, now repaired. The second issue occurred in Windows 7 when the user has an old version of Adobe Acrobat (6.0). There are compatability issues with Acrobat 6.0 on the Windows 7 platform, preventing users from accessing our magazine pdfs. This can be fixed by simply uninstalling Acrobat 6 - no doubt, more "planned obscelesence" aimed at forcing users to buy new versions.

Other much needed updates are in progress throughout the summer, so please tune in and check out the site!

Targeting, an important
ITTF Museum strategy


Celebrity TT photos:
  • Usain Bolt
  • Michael Phelps
  • David Beckham

  • Original Programs:
    Visit our Sport history galleries and see what we need to complete the historical record.

    Contact the curator to donate any programs we are missing. Thanks for your help!

    Neubauers Visit

    Dr Herbert Neubauer and son Carsten visited the ITTF Museum in July. The renowned and innovative inventors of specialized rubber surfaces for Table Tennis rackets enjoyed a tour of the Museum after sharing friendly greetings with the ITTF staff. They were impressed by our 2 touch-screen video exhibits, as well as the rackets donated by World and Olympic champions. We are grateful to Dr Neubauer for donating his winning racket from a World Veterans Championships.
    Dr Neubauer has an amazing record of Table Tennis achievement:

  • 7 times World Veterans Champion
  • 5 times European Veterans Champion
  • 4 Gold Medals at the World Senior Games
  • 2 Gold Medals at the European Masters Games
  • 60 Gold Medals at Swiss Championships

  • Visit their website at:
    Moscow Report

    The ITTF Museum staged an exhibition at the recent World Team Table Tennis Championships in Moscow. David Yip of Okinawa, Japan, my able assistant during Yokohama last year, served as curator in my place. Good news and bad news with this exhibition. On the plus side the onsite support was excellent, and the shipping highly professional and well organized. The showcases were provided, which was a big help, the brochure quite nice, and overall David did a good job in setting up the exhibition.
    On the down side the location was not as hoped, and the space much smaller than expected. Attendance was low compared to previous exhibitions. Security became an unfortunate issue when there were two separate incidents of theft.

    David reports that the Celebrity Photo Gallery was the most popular exhibit, and our open-air theater was also much enjoyed. Next year: Rotterdam!

    David Yip

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