Chuck Hoey, Curator
Issue # 18
May 2010
ITTF Museum Newsletter
From the Curator's Desk

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Hello Friends ...

Spring is here at last, after a very persistent winter season. The ITTF Global Community has been very busy with preparations for the upcoming World Team Table Tennis Championships in Moscow, 23-30 May. The ITTF Museum will stage an exhibition at the Championships, so please try to find time to visit.

Two important and surprising developments involve contact from England. The Fred Perry Company, large multi-national sports accessories, shoes and clothing makers have expressed interest in visiting the ITTF Museum, where we now have a new exhibit, thanks to their donation of a Fred Perry Centennial set, with exact replicas of the racket used by Fred Perry to win the 1929 World Championships.

The Museum was also contacted by the famed BBC ! They noticed the quarterly magazine published by the Museum, and want to feature the magazine on one of their television programs!

Two recent VIP visitors: Stuart Borrie, Secretary General of the Badminton World Federation, and Pierre Juliens, former 3-time Champion of Belgium in the 1960s. Both enjoyed a Museum tour and aferwards played our JOOLA robot.

Locally a large group visited in May and they discovered that the ITTF Museum is a fun place.
Fred Perry Centennial set
Fred Perry Company

The famous Fred Perry Company has donated a Fred Perry Centennial set, with rackets meticulously reproduced, modeled after the racket Fred Perry used to win the 1929 World Championship Men's Singles title. Their marketing department has announced plans to visit the Museum
Stuart Borrie Vists Museum

Stuart Borrie, Secretary General of the Badminton World Federation, visited the ITTF Museum in April, accompanied by BWF Council Member Lawrence Chew. Their Headquarters are currently located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, with offices in Lausanne at the Maison du Sport. After a tour of the Museum and some discussions with the curator, Stuart also met with ITTF Executive Director Jordi Serra. The BWF have recently implemented a live scoring system that automatically updates their statistics database. Impressive!

Secretary General of the World Badminton Federation Stuart Borrie enjoyed his session with our JOOLA robot
BBC Contacts Museum!

What a great surprise to receive contact from the legendary BBC in the UK. Their producers have seen our magazine, The Table Tennis Collector, and expressed interest in featuring the magazine on one of their television programs! Details to follow, as I learn more about this exciting opportunity.

Pierre Juliens of Belgium
takes on our robot

3-time Champion of Belgium visits ITTF Museum

Pierre Juliens, who won the national singles title of Belgium 3 times in the 1960s, made a special stop to visit the ITTF Museum on his way to Italy with his charming wife. Pierre is a member of the prestigious Swaythling Club. They enjoyed their tour of the Museum, and topped it off with a session against our JOOLA robot in the game room. Pierre demonstrated that he still has wonderful strokes that made him a Champion.
Moscow Update

I am sorry to report that I will not be able to attend the World Championships in Moscow. I am coping with a difficult medical condition, a severe tinnitus that has also affected the nerves on my right side; the perception of sound is off-balance. Fortunately there are treatment resources in the Lausanne area, so I am hoping the specialists can find a solution.

Mr. David Yip of Okinawa, Japan, who was my assistant at the Yokohama Worlds, will go in my place and manage the Museum exhibition. David is passionate about Table Tennis, knows the players and has the hands-on experience of setting up our exhibitions. Please give David your full support and help. Thanks - will miss seeing you!
Local Group Enjoys Museum

A large and diverse group from the general Lausanne area recently discovered the wonders of the ITTF Museum. It is difficult to hold the attention of so many during a tour, so I offered highlights and encouraged questions. The group acknowledged that they enjoyed the tour and were impressed to learn that Table Tennis - c'est un sport ! The game room was a big hit, and they loved playing the robot, which always has the power to put a big smile on our visitors' faces. Great way to end a tour.

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Did You Know ... ?
There are over 10000 pieces in the ITTF Museum, including 1000 rackets! Why not plan a visit to the Museum soon - groups welcome. Contact the curator to make a reservation.