Chuck Hoey, Curator
Issue # 14
September 1, 2009
ITTF Museum Newsletter
From the Curator's Desk

The weather in Lausanne this summer has been hot, the activity at the ITTF Museum brisk, with many official visitors. Mariann Domonkos (CAN) arrived for an intense weekend session, photographing everything in the Museum. These photos will help to bring the online Virtual Tour up-to-date and with better quality photos.
A new exhibit was installed, featuring the personal racket of legendary Romanian superstar Angelica Rozaeanu, now on exhibit in the ITTF Museum for all to enjoy.
A major exhibition at Double Happiness HQs in Shanghai is in progress, and a large shipment was recently sent to ITTF Consultant, Yao Zhenxu, who will manage the exhibition.
In honor of several recent official Australian visitors the Museum installed a special exhibit about Australian Table Tennis history, showing many of their great stars.
Another new exhibit features a pair of posters from the 2008 World Championships in Guangzhou, China, autographed by the winners.
A monumental book of 762 pages documenting the history of Table Tennis in Ecuador is a great new addition to the ITTF Archives and Library. Congratulations to Prof. Alfredo Garcia YŠnez for this fantastic work. I encourage all of our member associations to make a priority of preserving the history of Table Tennis in their countries.

Virtual Tour Enhancements

Mariann Domonkos is a familiar sight at Table Tennis events, armed with her camera and mega-lens, capturing the action on and off the court. She visited the ITTF Museum July 31-2 August to photograph all the exhibits. As I am just a basic point-and-shoot pocket camera person, this project was quite an education for me, regarding not only the angles & bouncing of light, but also the high professional standards involved in getting the best shot. Several long sessions were well worth the time and effort, and we will all benefit by the resulting updates to the Virtual Tour. Thank you Mariann!

Meanwhile software ace Sharif Sourour is working from Japan on improvements to the Virtual Tour presentation, using the latest Flash technology, also updating the Tour with the new photographs. This is a major project, available in English, Japanese, Spanish, German and soon French! Many new exhibits have been added or changed since the original Virtual Tour was installed. Thanks to Sharif and to all who helped with their language skills. The multi-lingual Virtual Tour is an important part of the overall ITTF Museum website, as it offers an accurate view of all our exhibits in a user-controlled room-by-room tour.
New Angelica Rozeanu Exhibit

It is always a challenge to design an exhibit which pays sufficient homage to the best of the best, the elite superstars whose achievements are both awesome and unforgettable. Angelica Rozeanu is certainly one such superstar, having stood atop the World Singles podium more than anyone else in the history of our sport, man or woman. Therefore it is a special honor, with the help of her daughter Miki, to install a new exhibit featuring her personal racket, positioned directly next to her entries on our Timeline History.

The caption text reads:
Legendary Angelica Rozeanu (ROM/ISR)
Her World Championship record will never be equalled: 17 Gold Medals, 30 Medals overall, 6 consecutive World Singles titles.

Bravo Angelica - your legend lives on, and you will always be remembered.
Double Happiness Exhibition

The beautiful entrance lobby of Double Happiness Sports HQs in Shanghai will be the site of an ITTF Museum exhibition, which will be installed with the expert help of Yao Zhenxu, ITTF Consultant. DHS is a major sponsor of the ITTF Museum.
Australia Exhibit

In honor of a series of official Australian visitors, the ITTF Museum created a new temporary exhibit featuring top Australian players throughout their history. The visitors included ITTF Executive Vice President Neil Harwood, ITTF Director of Marketing Steve Dainton, and Glenn Tepper, Executive Director of the ITTF Development Program. We look forward to their return visit.

The exhibit celebrates Australian regional and national champions from the 1940s and 50s, Cliff McDonald and Michael Wilcox in the 1960s, and later stars such as Paul Pinkewich, Bob Tuckett and others. Glenn has been a great help in strengthening our Oceania archives, donating many items gathered during his career. He also arranged for Bob Tuckett to kindly donate a signed racket to the Museum, now featured in the Australia exhibit.
Signed posters from Guangzhou 2008
World Team Championships

Another new exhibit features the two official posters from the 2008 World Team Championships in Guangzhou, signed by the winning Chinese teams. These help to reinforce the Chinese flavor in our Modern Olympics Era room, well earned respect given the brilliant success of the Chinese players.
History of Ecuador
Table Tennis book

The ITTF Museum is very pleased to have received (thanks to ITTF Competition Manager Raul Calin) a fantastic large format book, Historia del Tenis de Mesa Ecuatoriano 1928-2004, meticulously compiled and illustrated by Prof. Alfredo Garcia YŠnez.

The book is monumental in scope, 762 pages of history preserved for the future, and the cover has a great colorful action scene by Julio PeŮa.

Congratulations to Prof. YŠnez for his vision and hard work - he joins preeminent historians such as Tim Boggan (USA) and Zdenko Uzorinac (CRO) in setting an outstanding example for all ITTF member associations, and I hope to see more such histories so well documented.
The Life of Ichiro Ogimura

The English translation of this book, a fascinating biography of World Champion legend and former ITTF President Ichiro Ogimura, is now available, while supplies last.


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