Chuck Hoey, Curator
Issue # 4
January 1, 2008
ITTF Museum Newsletter
Happy New Year!

Sponsors and Donations

During the holiday season I like to reflect
back on the year and think about all the
people who have helped the Museum.
Special thanks to our main sponsors,
LIEBHERR, Joola and DHS. Your
generosity has made it possible to enhance the Museum as well as take the Museum to the World Championships, where the fans can enjoy & learn about the colorful history of our great sport.

In 2007 the Museum was very fortunate to have received many historic donations that will help us preserve and promote the legends of some of our great Champions. I want to express my personal gratitude to the families of Laszlo Bellak and Ichiro Ogimura, along with Mickey Herbst, loving daughter of Angelica Rozeanu, Museum Ambassadors Caron Leff, Rudi Sporrer, Yao Zhenxu and Colin Clemett, and to star players, Qiao Hong, Sachiko Morisawa and Lin Huiqing.

Bravo to you all for your kindness and thoughtfulness.

Laszlo Bellak medals and Jimmy McClure award

Rackets of I.Ogimura,Lin Huiqing,Qiao Hong,S.Morisawa

Angelica Rozeanu rackets
Ron Crayden:1920-2007
It is with deep sadness to report the passing of Ron Crayden of England. Ron was not only a talented international player, but also an outstanding team coach and captain, prolific author and collector par excellence, a co-founder of the Table Tennis Collectors' Society.

Besides many awards that Ron won, his collection included over 400 books on table tennis. His fine book, The Story of Table Tennis - the first 100 years was published in 1995, and is often consulted by the ITTF Museum.

Table Tennis Illustrated Issue 65 (Jan-Feb 2007) has a 4-page restrospective about Ron and his career by ITTF Publications Editor Ian Marshall.
Historic Roots
In December 2007 a book about the history of the village of Renens, Switzerland was published, including an extensive chapter of 14 pages about the chateau where the ITTF Headquarters and Museum are located. Renens is adjacent to the western edge of the Olympics capital of Lausanne.

On the right is a painting of how the chateau looked over 200 years ago. The first part was built in 1692, then a second, separate building in 1738, and the two buildings were joined in 1780.

The ITTF chateau over two hundred years ago
Online Table Tennis History Journal
1 million pages downloaded!

A magazine devoted to the history of Table Tennis and its memorabilia is available via the ITTF Museum website, or by direct link: Magazine

The Table Tennis Collector is published 4 times a year, and is enjoyed not only by collectors across the globe, but also by those who are fascinated by the colorful history of our sport - over 1 million pages downloaded since the ITTF Museum began its publication in 2006.

Each issue is packed with information, research articles, vintage photographs, exhibit reports, and regular columns on auction trends and Table Tennis philately.

This is a free online publication in full color, in the format of a pdf download. Contact the curator if you would like to receive e-mail notification of when the next issue is available for download:
Did You Know ... ?
There are over 5000 pieces in the ITTF Museum, including 1000 rackets! Why not plan a visit to the Museum soon - groups welcome. Contact the curator to make a reservation.