Chuck Hoey, Curator
Issue # 2
September 1, 2007
ITTF Museum Newsletter
New evidence found of Table Tennis in China in 1901!

This intriguing postcard was mailed from Tientsin (now Tianjin) in January of 1902. The entire handwritten message, in French, is about the new game sensation there, Tennis de Salon. The translation:

"Tientsin 22 January 1902  Around here we play in every European home a sort of parlor tennis game that is very enjoyable. It consists of a net that is placed on a large table, two rackets made of drum leather and celluloid balls and is played as on a field, the table being the limit of the game. Players play at the table's ends. This game is extremely popular here ... it should be sold in toyshops in Brussels."

Allowing for some time for the long journey to Tientsin, which was a large commercial center about 80 miles southeast of Beijing, and some time for the game to catch on and become so 'extremely popular' there, that would suggest a 1901 date for the game's arrival. Tientsin had many western settlements at the time, and this card with German stamps overprinted China was sent by Registered mail from the German sector. This card is the earliest hard evidence we have of how and when Table Tennis entered China!

This historic card will be exhibited in Guangzhou and Beijing in 2008

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The ITTF Museum is pleased to announce several important donations of bats by former World Champions, kindly arranged by Museum Friends Yao Zhenxu and Etsuko Enami. We are proud to exhibit these bats, which have great fan appeal, and they help to preserve the legacies of these great champions in a meaningful way.

Sachiko Morisawa (JPN) was the most successful woman player at the 1967 World Championships in Stockholm. She won three Gold Medals, including the Women's Singles, Doubles and the Corbillon Cup for the Team competition. A fantastic performance!

Lin Huiqing (CHN), an ITTF Hall of Famer, was the star of the 1971 World Championships, winning 3 Golds: the Women's Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. She was a master of defense.

Hall of Famer Qiao Hong (CHN) won 10 World Championship Gold Medals, including the Women's Singles title in 1989. She also won two Golds, one silver and one bronze medal in the Olympics, an extraordinary record of achievement.

Special thanks to these great Champions for their kind and thoughtful donations. Your legends will live on ...
World Champion Bats

Clockwise from top:
Sachiko Morisawa (JPN),
Qiao Hong (CHN), Lin Huiqing (CHN)
Egypt Cup arrives at ITTF Museum

The Egypt Cup is now visiting the ITTF Museum, looking good but in need of some adjustments. This historic cup was donated by H.M. King Farouk in 1939 during the 13th World Championships in Cairo, and it symbolizes the friendships of the Championships. There is a traditional protocol for the Egypt Cup: At the Opening Ceremony of the World Championships, the Civic Head or nominee of the city at which the previous Championships took place, hands the Cup to the President (or his representative) of the Egyptian Association, who in turn presents it to the Civic Head (or nominee) of the city in which the Championships are held.
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