Chuck Hoey, Curator
Inaugural issue # 1
July 16, 2007
ITTF Museum Newsletter
Welcome to the inaugural issue of the ITTF Museum Newsletter. This will be a bi-monthly report on the latest Museum developments, including new acquisitions, important donations, new exhibits, the World Championships, recent visitors, future plans and other activities.
The ITTF Museum project must be a team effort, and I am depending on the international Table Tennis community to help make the Museum a world class tribute to our sport. I need your help to restore the ITTF Archives, specifically the original World Champ[ionship programs from Stckholm 1928 and Berlin 1930, To enhance our exhibits and delight our Table Tennis fans I want all living World and Olympic Champions to donate their bats used in these historic events. Please give some thought to planning for the preservation of your legacies and memorabilia. Films of pre-1960 World Championships are also needed for our Film Archive. Contact the ITTF Museum at:
Take a
Virtual Tour

The big news is that a virtual tour of the Museum is now operational, thanks to the creative efforts of Sharif Sourour in the ITTF Ottawa office. Just press the button on the left to enter the tour. After entering each room, please allow a few moments for the photos to download. The Tour is based on Flash technology, which is commonly used on modern websites. If you do not have Flash installed, a link will be provided for fast (and safe) Flash download. Please report any problems you might encounter during the Tour. Note that some exhibits are in the construction stage, and others are being upgraded in the coming months. Thanks and I hope you enjoy the Tour.

Zagreb: skyline: the old and the new

Entrance, with posters of Croatian stars

View from front desk to the theater

View of right half of exhibit

SRO at the popular theater!

Kids day brought many young visitors

ITTF Museum Exhibit at the 2007 World Championships

The ITTF Museum staged its 4th major exhibit at the recent World Championships in Zagreb. The 200m2 exhibit consisted of several major thematic exhibits:
o Illustrated timeline history of Table Tennis
o Equipment evolution
o Celebrity photo gallery
o Player photo gallery
o Theater, with videos of vintage Championships
During the exhibit 8 World Champions visited and I had the chance to take photos of them, each pointing at their entry on the ITTF Timeline history:
Special thanks to all these great Champions for taking the time to visit the exhibit and witness their place in history.

Top row (L-R):
Wang Liqin (CHN)
W. Schlager (AUT)
Liu Guoliang (CHN)
Middle row (L-R):
J. Persson (SWE)
Koji Kimura (JPN)
Diane Schoeler (GER)
Left (L-R):
D. Surbek (HRV)
Helen Elliot (SCO)
ITTF Archives website

Results Database
Check out these research tools, featuring the Archives website, with scans of many historical documents, prepared by the ITTF Museum.
Also the new Results Database, a series of pdf downloads showing the results from the World Championships, prepared by ITTF Statistician Jean-Jacques Hubermann (FRA).
I want to close this inaugural edition of the ITTF Museum Newsletter with a big smile. A special exhibit was recently installed for the children and young at heart. The exhibit, mounted lower on the wall so the kids can better enjoy, features Disney characters and comic book covers, showing humorous Table Tennis scenes. The 3-year-old son of ITTF Executive Director Jordi Serra has already given the exhibit rave reviews!

The exhibit includes two of the art bats selected from over 22,000 entries by children in Bremen at the 2006 World Championships. The organizers of this creative contest kindly donated the best designs to the ITTF Museum. A table with crayons and blank paper cut-outs of a Table Tennis bat are next to this exhibit for visiting children to apply their imaginations and have fun.

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