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Chuang Chih-Yuan following his success against Joo Saehyuk
Photo by: An Sungho
Posted on 06/24/2016
2016 ITTF World Tour Korea Open (Super)  pt

Chuang Chih-Yuan beaten by Simon Gauzy
Photo by: Rémy Gros
Posted on 06/17/2016
2016 ITTF World Tour Laox Japan Open (Super)  , pt,

Eventuall the adventures of Tomokazu Harimoto were halted by Chuang Chih-Yuan
Photo by: Courtesy of Asian Table Tennis Union
Posted on 06/04/2016
2016 ITTF World Tour Slovenia Open (Challenge)  , pt,

Chuang Chih-Yuan beaten by Jung Youngsik
Photo by: Robert Valai
Posted on 05/28/2016
2016 ITTF World Tour Zagreb (Croatia) Open (Challenge)  , pt,

Chuang Chih-Yuan is the Men Singles top seed in Zagreb
Photo by: Rémy Gros
Posted on 05/23/2016
2016 ITTF World Tour Zagreb (Croatia) Open (Challenge)  pt

Chuang Chih-Yuan who beat Gao Ning by the very narrowest of margins
Photo by: Warren Little
Posted on 04/28/2016
2016 ITTF Nakheel Asian Cup  , Cont,

Chuang Chih-Yuan who beat Xu Xin
Photo by: Courtesy of Hong Kong Table Tennis Association Ltd
Posted on 04/14/2016
2016 ITTF-Asian Olympic Qualification Tournament  OG

Chuang Chih-Yuan, the mainstay for Chinese Taipei
Photo by: Rémy Gros
Posted on 01/31/2016
  waiting, Athletes

Chuang Chih-Yuan beaten by Vladimir Samsonov
Photo by: Rémy Gros
Posted on 01/31/2016
2016 ITTF World Tour German Open (Super)  , pt,

Chuang Chih-Yuan en route to gold in Budapest
Photo by: Szilvi Hoffer
Posted on 01/24/2016
2016 ITTF World Tour Hungarian Open (Major)  general, pt,

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