Articles about FAN Zhendong CHN 
06/26/2016  Runs End, Chen Chien-An and Fan Zhendong Exit Proceedings       Photo By: An Sungho 
02/15/2015  Fan Zhendong Follows Suit, Ma Long and Xu Xin Book Final Places       Photo By: Mohammad Amin 
10/20/2015  Ask A Pro Anything, the Latest Subject is Fan Zhendong       Photo By: Marie Sébire  
10/25/2015  Injury Forces Ding Ning Withdrawal, Fan Zhendong Regains Title       Photo By: Bogdan Pasek 
11/10/2015  Fan Zhendong Returns, Seeking Third Consecutive Final       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
06/19/2016  Xu Xin One Step Short, Fan Zhendong Adds Name to Japan Roll of Honour       Photo By: Hideyuki Imai Studio Aupa 
01/07/2015  Dubai Dawns: Abundance of Riches, China Clear Favourites for Gold       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
01/11/2015  Authority Asserted, China Clinches Menís Team Title in Dubai       Photo By: Warren Little 
11/16/2014  Recovery Withstood, Fan Zhendong Wins Swedish Menís Singles Title       Photo By: Ireneusz Kanabrodzki 
05/03/2015  Ma Long Breathes Fire, the Dragon Roars, Beats Fan Zhendong to Reach Final        
11/15/2015  Third Final, Second Success, First Place Again for Fan Zhendong       Photo By: Ireneusz Kanabrodzki 
10/03/2015  Fan Zhendong Completes Clean Sweep, Emulates Ma Long       Photo By: Jirachon Ruethairat 
06/07/2014  Tough Test for Number One but Top Four Reach Semi-Final Stage       Photo By: Courtesy of Organising Committee 
08/16/2014  Nanjing 2014: Follow the Daily Blog, Keep-Up-To-Date with the Youth Olympic Games       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
08/20/2014  Gold for Fan Zhendong, Yuto Muramatsu Proves Worthy Opponent, Proves Point       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
08/09/2015  Combination with Added Ingredient Secures Title       Photo By: Deng Xiao Zhao 
09/05/2014  One Step Nearer the Inevitable, Fan Zhendong Climbs the World Rankings       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/21/2015  Nittaku November Pongcast, Leading Names Add to Collection       Photo By: Ireneusz Kanabrodzki 
12/12/2012  Bahrain Result Repeated, China Overcomes Japan to Capture Hyderabad Title       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/16/2012  Third Time in Succession, Silver for Lin Gaoyuan, Gold for Fan Zhendong       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
05/06/2013  China Prepares for Paris at Werner Schlager Academy: Clear Training Distinctions       Photo By: Jamal Hakouz 
01/01/2014  Now Eight Days to Go: Fireworks for New Year, Pyrotechnics Set for Dubai       Photo By: Irving Karlsson 
01/12/2014  Ma Long and Xu Xin Road End for Kim Minseok and Fan Zhendong       Photo By: Jacques Martinos 
07/03/2013  Maturity Beyond Teenage Years, Fan Zhendong Seals Menís Team Title for China       Photo By: Hu Xiaojun 
09/09/2013  Sensation in Anshan, Fan Zhendong Beats Both Zhang Jike and Xu Xin       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
11/16/2013  World Champion Falls, World Junior Champion Upsets Seeding       Photo By: Dr Stephan Roscher 
11/17/2013  The Winner in Poland, Fan Zhendong Repeats the Success in Germany       Photo By: Dr Stephan Roscher 
03/20/2016  Top Four Names on View; Xu Xin and Fan Zhendong Bid Farewell       Photo By: Mohammad Amin 
11/10/2013  Youngest Ever Winner, Fan Zhendong Gives Polished Performance       Photo By: Ireneus Stosik 
08/17/2013  Perfection is Nothing; the Asian Youth Games Begins in Nanjing       Photo By: Hu Xiaojun 
12/04/2013  Fan Zhendong, New Heights for Outstanding Chinese Teenager       Photo By: Irving Karlsson 
11/25/2013  Fan Zhendong Returns to Duty, a Place in Million Dollar Grand Finals Beckons       Photo By: Dr Stephan Roscher 
12/01/2013  The Year Concludes, Invitation List for Million Dollar Finals Decided       Photo By: Irving Karlsson 
02/16/2014  Swedish Defeat Avenged, Fan Zhendong Beats Yan An to Claim Kuwait Gold        
02/21/2014  Mind Games, Doha Defeat One Year Ago Haunts Fan Zhendong       Photo By: Jamal Hakouz 
03/02/2014  Surprise Third Round Exit in Qatar but Fan Zhendong Continues to Lead Standings       Photo By: Fadi Al-Assaad / ITTF via Action Images  
02/22/2014  Bids Invited to Host 2016 ITTF World Junior Table Tennis Championships       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
03/21/2014  No Stopping Ma Long and Fan Zhendong, Final Places Booked       Photo By: Fadi Al-Assaad / ITTF via Action Images  
09/28/2014  Unbeaten in Nanjing, Back to Earth for Fan Zhendong in Incheon       Photo By: Rémy Gros