Articles about MURAMATSU Yuto JPN 
06/06/2014  Qualification Only Just, Yuto Muramatsu Seizes Opportunity, Causes First Round Shock       Photo By: Courtesy of Organising Committee 
01/30/2016  Top Seeded Spot Justified, Yuto Muramatsu Clinches Title       Photo By: An Sungho 
09/02/2012  Japanese Dreams Fade, Jeong Sangeun and Christian Süss Book Final Showdown       Photo By: Frantisek Zalewsky 
08/19/2014  Different Styles; Fan Zhendong and Yuto Muramatsu Impose Authority       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
03/17/2015  Champions a Plenty but First Phase Leading NamesStill Searching       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
11/29/2014  Shanghai Awaits: Yuto Muramatsu Adding an Extra Dimension to a Traditional Art       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
06/22/2014  Yu Ziyang Continues Amazing Run, Jun Mizutani Eventually Overcomes Colleague       Photo By: Monthly World Table Tennis 
08/14/2014  Nanjing 2014: Successful in Singapore and Glasgow, Successful Again?       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/07/2014  Top Seeds Reach Final, Stalwart Defence and Electric Speed Secures Success       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
10/28/2011  Japan Secures Boys’ Team Title in Style but Croatia Steals the Show       Photo By: Irving Karlsson 
05/08/2011  Yuto Muramatsu Upsets Seeding to Win Junior Boys’ Title in Spain       Photo By: Lluis Franco 
05/17/2012  Global Junior Programme Success, World Tour Success Follows       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
04/12/2013  Different Methods but Noshad Alamiyan and Yuto Muramatsu Upset World Order       Photo By: Donald Chin 
4/18/2010  Defensive Skills Set to Entertain for Many Years to Come       Photo By: Courtesy of Eric Ducos 
02/21/2012  Top Seeds and Defending Champion Face Tough Challenge in Örebro       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
11/03/2010  Gold for Asia in Hard Fought Final Against Spirited European Opposition       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
06/08/2012  Entertainers Pull Rabbits Out of Hat to Produce Magical Moments in Kobe       Photo By: Tetsu Yamashita 
11/10/2012  Gold and Silver for Japan, Yuto Muramatsu and Ayuka Tanioka Extol Defensive Art       Photo By: Ireneusz Kanabrodzki 
08/28/2011  Japanese Duo Cement Places at Top of Standings Following Korean Adventure       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
08/26/2011  Seeds Fall as Semi-Finals Loom at Korean Junior and Cadet Open       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
04/06/2014  Outstanding Form Maintained, Paul Drinkhall Upsets Seeding to Reach Final       Photo By: Alberto Cano 
8/6/2009  Farwell Matsushita, Welcome Muramatsu       Photo By: Patrick Wong