Articles about WONG Chun Ting HKG 
03/03/2016  Sweden and Hong Kong Book Last Eight Places       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
04/29/2016  Notable Progress, Penultimate Round Defeat but Honourable Performance       Photo By: Warren Little 
05/05/2016  New Heights at Nakheel Asian Cup, Now Another New Height for Wong Chun Ting       Photo By: Warren Little 
05/19/2014  The Challenger Become the Challenged, a Test of Character for Wong Chun Ting       Photo By: Jamal Hakouz 
05/24/2014  Relaxed, No Pressure William Henzell Beats Top Seed to Reach Sydney Semi-Final       Photo By: Thomas Park 
10/24/2015  Differing Fortunes for Hong Kong, Surprise Win, Surprise Defeat       Photo By: Nakares Teeralhamsri 
10/02/2015  End of Road, Wong Chun Ting Bring Progress of Jan Woojin to Abrupt Halt       Photo By: Jirachon Ruethairat 
03/28/2015  Liking for Almeria, Wong Chun Ting Causes Last Eight Upset to Reach Final Four       Photo By: Courtesy of Jordi Mesa and Cristina Ruiz 
08/30/2015  Spain Avenged, Wong Chun Ting Reaches New Heights, Wins in Czech Republic       Photo By: Frantisek Zalewsky 
06/21/2013  Notable Names Suffer as Seeds Fall in Menís Singles Opening Round       Photo By: Monthly World Table Tennis 
06/05/2016  Classic Hong Kong Partnership Destines Koreans to Again Runners Up Spot       Photo By: Andrej Matic 
06/08/2012  First Place for Second Placed First Phase Duo in Menís Singles First Round       Photo By: Tetsu Yamashita 
03/26/2016  Wong Chun Ting Dynamic, Causes Second Round Menís Singles Upset       Photo By: Hussein Sayed 
02/14/2014  Opportunity Missed One Year Ago, Seized One Year Later        
02/15/2014  Progress Continues, Another Scalp Added to the Belt of Wong Chun Ting        
04/06/2014  Gold for Hong Kong, Tang Peng Guides Wong Chun Ting to Almeria Title       Photo By: Alberto Cano