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04/13/2016  Leading Names Progress but Olympic Champion Keep Supporters on Knife-Edge       Photo By: Courtesy of Hong Kong Table Tennis Association Ltd 
03/20/2016  Three Year Wait Over, Zhang Jike Overcomes Ma Long to Claim Gold       Photo By: Mohammad Amin 
15/09/2002  Zhang came back from the edge       2002  
05/20/2016  Zhang Jike to Defend Olympic Games Menís Singles Title       Photo By: An Sungho 
28/09/2003  Born to be a champion   Français  Español    2003  
5/16/2008  Zhang Jike and Pšr Gerell Lead the Upsets at the Volkswagen Open China       Photo By: Yuan Zhixiao 
10/24/2009  Top Seeds Cruise to Finals in Linz Against Below Strength Opponents       Photo By: Georg Diener 
10/25/2009  First ITTF Cadet Challenge Champion Sets Young Guns on Path to First Place     >>中文  Photo By: Georg Diener 
05/14/2014  ZEN-NOH 2014 World Team Championships, Focus for April Pongcast       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
02/14/2015  Zhang Jike Tested but China Secures All Four Penultimate Places       Photo By: Mohammad Amin 
10/25/2015  Stefan Fegerl Scales New Heights, Zhang Jike Suffers Shock Semi-Final Exit       Photo By: Bogdan Pasek 
10/25/2014  Journeyís End for Quadri Aruna but Defeat with Honour       Photo By: Ina Fassbender 
10/30/2014  Moments to Remember, Relive the Liebherr 2014 Menís World Cup       Photo By: Ina Fassbender 
11/05/2014  Withheld Prize Money, Allocated to Fair Play Award       Photo By: Ina Fassbender 
01/13/2016  Olympic Menís and Womenís Singles Ranking Announced for January       Photo By: An Sungho 
03/15/2016  Kuala Lumpur First Team Selection Head Seeding in Kuwait       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
01/22/2011  Semi-Final Sadness in Velenje for Wang Hao and Zhang Jike in Tense Duels       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
09/29/2015  Twentieth Time Champions, Twenty Years Since Defeat, Again China       Photo By: Nakares Teeralhamsri 
06/08/2014  Top Seeds Endorse Status, End of Road for Zhang Jike and Fan Zhendong       Photo By: Courtesy of Organising Committee 
08/26/2014  World Champions of the Next Decade, On View in Barbados?       Photo By: An Sungho 
10/26/2014  Title Secured in Dramatic Final but Zhang Jike Pays Price of Success       Photo By: Ina Fassbender 
05/03/2015  Four Year Reign Over, Fan Bo Beats Zhang Jike to Book Final Place at First Attempt       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
08/16/2014  Nanjing 2014: Zhang Jike Honoured, Torch Bearer at Opening Ceremony       Photo By: An Sungho 
08/01/2014  Zhang Jike, the Man for the Big Occasion, Olympic and World Champion       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/09/2015  The Big Four Awaits but for Which Big Four Member Will be Forthcoming?       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/11/2015  Determined Start, Zhang Jike Focused, Korea Suffering       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
09/12/2014  DŁsseldorf, the Home, Once Again Europe Welcomes Menís World Cup       Photo By: Vncent Kovacs 
12/13/2015  Title Remains Elusive, Penultimate Round Defeat for Zhang Jike       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/17/2014  Entries Open for Qoros 2015 World Championships       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
09/30/2010  Chinese Men Emulate Female Colleagues to Book Final Place       Photo By: Atef Alghamery 
11/19/2010  Impressive Performances Secure Top Doubles Prizes at Asian Games       Photo By: Qi Dazheng 
1/8/2010  Notable Names Tumble as Christian SŁss and Zhang Jike Cause Upsets     >>中文  Photo By: Tamasu Butterfly 
1/10/2010  Brave Effort by Zhang Jike but Ma Long on Course     >>中文  Photo By: Tamasu Butterfly 
08/15/2012  Man of the Moment, Double Olympic Gold Medallists Heads Invitation List       Photo By: Vincent Kovacs 
11/13/2011  Zhang Jike Repeats Rotterdam Success to Win Liebherr Crown       Photo By: Vincent Kovacs 
11/14/2011  Zhang Jike and Ding Ning Seeking to Complete Grand Slam at Grand Finals       Photo By: Vincent Kovacs 
1/13/2010  Seeking Successors to Zhang Jike and Cao Zhen in Tata       Photo By: Tamasu Butterfly 
5/9/2010  Top Two Retain Places as Timo Boll and Zhang Jike Make Progress     >>中文  Photo By: 
06/28/2010  China Seeking to Repeat Success of One Year Ago in Shanghai       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
01/26/2013  Sensation in Wels, Olympic and World Champion Falls in Semi-Finals       Photo By: Plohe 
5/30/2010  Experience and Youth Steers China to Menís Team Gold in Moscow       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
08/02/2012  Zhang Jike Clinches Gold, Once Again Silver is the Colour for Wang Hao       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
2/26/2010  Zhang Jike Boosts his Claim for First Choice Selection     >>中文  Photo By: Mohammed Al Tayer 
02/18/2013  Olympic and World Champion Secures Kuwait Title in Impressive Style       Photo By: Magdy El-Doukary 
02/25/2013  Table Tennis is the Most Viewed Sport in China and Numbers are Rising       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
12/31/2011  Special Memories that Live for Ever and More Await Ė Happy New Year       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
02/13/2011  Timo Boll Beats Zhang Jike to Reach Qatar Open Menís Singles Final       Photo By: Adel Hakouz 
03/07/2013  World Champions Chosen to Attend Laureus World Sports Awards Evening       Photo By: Jamal Hakouz 
05/20/2013  Title Retained, Zhang Jike Clinches Gold at LIEBHERR World Championships       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/27/2013  GAC Group 2014 ITTF World Tour Kuwait Open; Entry Deadline Monday 13th January       Photo By: Magdy El-Dakroury 
01/08/2014  Now One Day to Go: Ma Long and Zhang Jike in Search of Career Milestones       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
01/11/2014  Elusive Title Continues to Elude, Ma Long Beats Zhang Jike       Photo By: Jacques Martinos 
01/10/2012  ITTF Media Scholarship Opportunity       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
06/04/2011  Li Na Creates Sporting History but Zhang Jike and Wang Hao Lead Ratings       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
03/17/2013  Opening Day Lead Erased, Asia Responds in Style to Win First Leg in Qingdao       Photo By: Courtesy of Asian Table Tennis Union 
2/27/2010  The Voice of Experience Ma Lin Beats Zhang Jike in Kuwait Semi-Finals       Photo By: Mohammed Al Tayer 
5/15/2011  Zhang Jike in Seventh Heaven, World Title Clinched at First Attempt       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
01/20/2012  One World Champion Follows Another as Defence Proves Best Form of Attack       Photo By: Richard Kalocsai 
06/01/2012  Zhang Jike the New Name at the Top of the World Rankings       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
04/25/2013  Use #ITTFWorlds to win an Autographed Racket       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
01/20/2011  Seeking Successor to Zhang Jike at the Hungarian Cadet Open       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
08/09/2012  Following in Famous Footsteps, Future Olympians to be Found in Guatemala?       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
03/01/2013  No Guaranteed Passport for France but Leading Names On Line for Paris Place       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
11/11/2011  Life on the Knife Edge, World Champion Survives to End First Day Unbeaten       Photo By: Vincent Kovacs 
11/10/2011  The Paris Quest for Zhang Jike, to Achieve what Few Before Have Achieved       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
04/01/2013  Partners from Foreign Shores but Best Chinese Traditions Maintained       Photo By: Xi Peng 
3/12/2010  A Changing of the Guard, New Generation Makes Presence Felt       Photo By: Tamasu Butterfly 
12/31/2012  A Legend Born, the Task to Repeat the Success and Add Missing Piece of the Jigsaw       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
02/27/2011  Zhang Jike Overcomes Timo Boll to Clinch Dortmund Men's Singles Crown       Photo By: Guido Schiefer 
03/08/2011  Chinese Players Battle for the Right to Compete at World Championships       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
02/24/2012  Iran and Indonesia Keep Championship Hopes Alive, China Irrepressible       Photo By: Tony Wu 
11/11/2013  Olympic and World Champion Set to Return but Eyes Focus on European Champion       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
11/21/2013  Everything is Possible, for the Class of 2013 the Heights of Those from a Decade Earlier?       Photo By: An Sungho 
05/20/2012  Zhang Jike Clinches Korean Crown in Dramatic Incheon Final       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
04/01/2012  China Irrepressible, Awesome Display Retains Menís Team Title in Dortmund       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
05/12/2013  Relive the Action from the LIEHBERR World Championships, Visit Mondial Ping       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
06/15/2011  Negotiations Bear Fruit, Tournament of Champions Offered to the Big Apple       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
05/12/2013  LIEBHERR World Championships Preview: Enter Ma Long, Enter Zhang Jike       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
3/21/2010  Kuwait Defeat Avenged, Wang Hao Beats Zhang Jike to Reach Berlin Final       Photo By: Ireneusz Kanabrodzki 
04/18/2013  Four Year Sponsorship Deal Signed with China Unicom, to Start in Paris       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
08/22/2010  Promise Realised, Zhang Jike Captures Career First ITTF Menís Singles Crown       Photo By: ITTF Asia / Pacific Office 
3/26/2010  Lady Luck Deserts Second Seed, Ko Lai Chak Takes his Chances       Photo By: Ding Zhiliang 
01/30/2013  Surprise Defeats but a Record Beyond Reproach, Like Legendary Swede       Photo By: Plohe 
3/28/2010  Evergrande Asian Cup Menís Singles Crown Won in Fluent Style       Photo By: Ding Zhiliang 
09/02/2010  In Tune in Suzhou, Zhang Jike Strikes Higher Note on World Scale     >>中文  Photo By: ITTF Asia / Pacific Office 
09/09/2013  Europe Now the Home, Invitation List Prepared for LIEBHERR Menís World Cup       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
10/26/2010  Ready to Raise the Curtain in Magdeburg, the Cast in Order of Appearance     >>中文  Photo By: Rémy Gros 
10/30/2010  Zhang Jike Books Semi-Final Place at Liebherr Menís World Cup     >>中文  Photo By: Guido Schiefer 
08/25/2011  Star Names Enjoy Success but Acclimatised Qualifiers Make Presence Felt       Photo By: Qi Dazheng 
03/22/2012  Preparations Over at the Werner Schlager Academy, Direct Route to Dortmund       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/22/2011  The True Sign of Good Times       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
07/27/2012  Trust in Zhang Jike, the Man for the Big Occasion, Liu Guoliang Does       Photo By: Remy Gros 
08/05/2013  Time Flies, the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro Just Three Years Away       Photo By: An Sungho 
05/19/2013  LIEBHERR World Championships: Quotes of the Day Ė China Seizes Control       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
05/23/2013  Memorable Moments and Thanks for the Memories from Paris to Paris       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
05/27/2012  Ma Long Awesome, Xu Xin Extracts Revenge to Book Final Place       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
07/08/2012  World Champions Top Seeds for London Olympic Games       Photo By: Remy Gros 
01/29/2012  Amazing Run Ends, Zhang Jike Ends Ma Longís Aspirations of All Time Record       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
01/29/2012  Top Seeds Secure Menís Doubles Title, Victory for Ma Long and Zhang Jike       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/11/2013  Raffles Hotel to Host Star Awards Evening at One Million Dollar Grand Finals       Photo By: An Sungho 
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