Articles about MIZUTANI Jun JPN 
03/04/2016  China and Japan Advance, Spirited Opponents Overcome       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
05/27/2016  Generations Apart, Ho Kwan Kit and Joo Saehyuk Cause Last Eight Surprises       Photo By: Robert Valai 
03/02/2016  Problems for Jun Mizutani but Japan Maintains Perfect Progress       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
7/27/2008  The Land of the Rising Sun is the Land of the Rising Table Tennis Stars       Photo By: Ayoade Ademakinwa 
6/29/2007  Japanese Teenager Gives World Champion a Tough Examination       Photo By: ITTF Asia Office 
6/23/2007  Under 21 Titles for Host Nation at Volkswagen Open Japan       Photo By: Monthly World Table Tennis 
18/02/2003  A Japanese diamond !       2003  
11/2/2003  Ma Long and Feng Yalan the winners   Français  Español    2003  
11/19/2009  China Performs the Great Escape as Jun Mizutani Suffers Agonies in Lucknow     >>中文  Photo By: Monthly World Table Tennis 
6/7/2008  Comfortable Progress for European Stars but a Severe Test for Ma Long       Photo By: Rayman Chin 
12/6/2009  Will Sachin Tendulkar be Found in Cartagena das Indias?       Photo By: Vladimir Mirskij 
1/22/2007  An Omen for the Future, Jun Mizutani becomes Youngest Ever Japanese Champion       2007 Photo By: Tamasu Butterfly 
10/20/2015  Leading Men On Duty, Warsaw to Provide Clear Guide to Lisbon List       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
10/23/2015  Principal Names Succeed but Surprises Ensue as First Round Concludes       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
09/06/2015  Previous Efforts of Year Surpassed, Jun Mizutani Clinches Top Prize       Photo By: Helmut Ploberger 
11/01/2014  Opening Day Revisited, Asia Secures Victory in Zhangjiagang       Photo By: Fadi Al-Assaad / ITTF via Action Images  
06/12/2016  Jun Mizutani Wins Third Title of Year, Completes Clean Sweep for Japan in Australia       Photo By: Ivy Hla 
04/24/2016  Defeat in Halmstad and Lisbon but in Warsaw Jun Mizutani Gains the Verdict       Photo By: Bogdan Pasek 
06/05/2016  Jun Mizutani Wins Second Title of Year, Hard Fought Success in Otocec       Photo By: Robert Valai 
06/06/2016  Players in Form, Winners Earlier in Year Head Impressive Australian Entry List       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
11/12/2014  Race for Bangkok, Finalists in Ekaterinburg Set Fair for Thailand Capital       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
11/16/2014  Invitations Ready, Qualifiers for Million Dollar Grand Finals Announced       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
06/30/2015  First Title Won in Korea, Jun Mizutani Returns to Country of Landmark Victory       Photo By: Nakares Teeralhamsri 
12/11/2015  Reign Ends Jun Mizutani Falls in Opening Round       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
12/14/2014  Title Regained, Jun Mizutani Succeeds in Dramatic Final       Photo By: Nakares Teerakamsri 
12/17/2014  DHS Top Ten: Memorable Moments from Bangkok       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
09/01/2015  Top Two Seeds Seeking Better Fortunes than Earlier in Year and on Previous Visits       Photo By: An Sungho 
12/14/2014  At A Glance: Titles for Jun Mizutani and Kasumi Ishikawa       Photo By: Nakares Teerakamsri 
12/12/2014  Alarm Bells Ring for Top Seed but Even Louder for Tang Peng       Photo By: Nakares Teerakamsri 
01/26/2015  Unparalleled Year Dawns, Over $3,5000,000 on Offer for World Stars       Photo By: Nakares Teerakamsri 
12/09/2014  Bangkok Beckons: Rising Stars in Santiago Now Major Contenders in Thailand       Photo By: Ina Fassbender 
10/17/2010  Jun Mizutani Captures Joola Hungarian Open Title in Thrilling Final       Photo By: Richard Kalocsai 
10/18/2010  Jun Mizutani Ready for the Magdeburg Challenge       Photo By: Richard Kalocsai 
02/14/2011  The Graduate Seeking Higher Honours at Volkswagen Cup in Guangzhou       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
12/18/2009  Japan's Mizutani Makes a Surprising Choice       Photo By: ITTF Asia/Pacific office 
02/16/2011  London Olympic Venue to Stage 2011 ITTF Pro Tour Grand Finals       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
26/05/2010  Jun Mizutani Unbeaten but Honours Go to Germany in First Stage Duel       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
04/27/2014  The Day Arrives: Yokohama Motivated Japan, Can Tokyo Do the Same?       Photo By: Ireneusz Stosik 
11/24/2010  Celebrated Successful Swedish Style Present in Volkswagen Cup Challenger       Photo By: Guido Schiefer 
04/22/2012  Earlier Disappointment Set Aside, Doubles Triumph on First Team Outing       Photo By: Pablo Rubio 
07/04/2012  Jun Mizutani Scales New Heights to Assume Career High Global Status       Photo By: Tetsu Yamashita 
07/04/2011  Jun Mizutani Seeking to Excel on Home Soil in to Book Place in ExCel       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
4/15/2010  Youth Overcomes Experience to Tip Balance in Favour of Asia       Photo By: Qi Dazheng 
10/13/2010  Seoul the Goal, Hungarian Open High in Quality and High in Numbers     >>中文  Photo By: 
03/30/2013  China Staves Off Spirited Japanese Challenge to Reserve Place at Top Table       Photo By: Xi Peng 
11/09/2011  Jun Mizutani Seeking to Lay Ghosts of Moscow and Magdeburg to Rest       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
02/18/2011  No Surrender Brave Fight Back Produces Quarter-Final Shock in Dubai       Photo By: Atef Alghamery 
05/09/2013  LIEBHERR World Championships Preview: Man with a Mission, Jun Mizutani       Photo By: Xi Peng 
02/25/2012  Change of Fortunes for Japan, Business as Usual for China       Photo By: Tim Wu 
11/12/2011  Jun Mizutani Books Semi-final Place at Liebherr Menís World Cup Once Again       Photo By: Vincent Kovacs 
02/18/2012  Jun MIzutani Crowned Menís Singles Champion in Kuwait       Photo By: Magd El-Dakroury 
10/23/2010  Familiarity Breeds Contempt, in Wels Familiarity Breeds Shock Resul     >>中文  Photo By: George Diener 
04/30/2012  Quarter-Final Defeat but Jun Mizutani Retains Top Spot on Standings.       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
03/23/2011  Timo Boll Overcomes Jun Mizutani in High Speed Semi-Final Contest       Photo By: Xi Peng 
24/05/2010  Germany and Japan Give Capital Performances in Russian Metropolis       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
03/01/2012  Chinese Stars Imperious, Pretenders Repelled, Full House Assured in Macau       Photo By: Tony Wu 
05/25/2012  Host Nationís Star Names Untroubled, Jun Mizutani Responding to Pressure       Photo By: 25_05_12 
05/15/2013  Japan Suffers, Surprise Defeat for Ai Fukuhara, Opening Round Exit for Jun Mizutani       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
06/10/2012  Kuwait Success Repeated in Kobe, Jun Mizutani Again at Korean Expense       Photo By: Tetsu Yamashita 
11/13/2010  Japan and Korea Win Tense Battles as Hong Kong Suffers in Guangzhou     >>中文  Photo By: Guido Schiefer 
3/29/2010  Magic Moment for Mizutani as a First Time Career Win is Recorded       Photo By: Qi Dazheng 
3/30/2010  Alive and Well the Defender Prevails, Joo Se Hyuk Beats Jun Mizutani       Photo By: Qi Dazheng 
11/13/2011  Sixth Consecutive Final, Wang Hao Beats Brave Jun Mizutani       Photo By: Vincent Kovacs 
10/30/2010  Wins for Jun Mizutani and Timo Boll as First Phase Concludes in Magdeburg     >>中文  Photo By: Guido Schiefer 
11/20/2010  Wang Hao Approaching Best Form Ends Japanese Hopes in Guangzhou       Photo By: Qi Dazheng 
12/01/2010  Semi-Final Sadness in Guangzhou, the Same in Braunshweig for Jun Mizutani       Photo By: Guido Schiefer 
10/31/2010  Zhang Jike Escapes from the Brink to Book Final Place in Magdeburg       Photo By: Guido Schiefer 
12/19/2010  Jun Mizutani Captures KAL Cup Pro Tour Grand Finals Menís Singles Crown       Photo By: An Sung Ho 
08/28/2011  Zhang Jike and Ma Long Irrepressible, Defeats for Yan An and Jun Mizutani       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
03/19/2016  Dťjŗ Vu, Once Again Jun Mizutani Suffers Nightmares at Hands of Xu Xin       Photo By: Mohammad Amin 
07/11/2012  Times Change, Four Years Later a Very Different Scenario for Jun Mizutani       Photo By: Remy Gros 
04/30/2014  Day Ends on High Note for Home Fans, Japan Overcomes Portugal       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
7/5/2009  Universiade Sees Notable Names Seeking Graduation Honours       Photo By: Ayoade Ademakinwa 
9/2/2009  Career High for KAL Korean Champion     >>中文  Photo By: An Sung Ho 
8/23/2009  First Gold, Jun Mizutani Leaves No Stone Unturned in Seoul     >>中文  Photo By: An Sung Ho 
7/9/2009  Mizutani Fails in Both Singles and Doubles     >>中文  Photo By: Rémy Gros 
11/12/2009  A Return to Top Flight but the Great Wall Remains the Mighty Obstacle     >>中文  Photo By: 
2/27/2008  Problems For Menís Seeds       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
10/18/2014  Destination DŁsseldorf: Fourth Attempt, Fourth Seed, Fourth Place Again?       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
1/24/2008  European Champions Face Asian Silver Medallists       Photo By: ITTF 
9/21/2007  Chinese Star Takes the Bait as Jun Mizutani Goes Fishing in Yangzhou       Photo By: ITTF Asia Office 
9/19/2007  Japan Secures Place in Menís Team Final at China Mobile Asian Championships       Photo By: ITTF Asia Office 
8/25/2007  Yet Again Jun Mizutani is the Korean Nemesis in Chinese Taipei     >>中文  Photo By: Lu Yi-Cheng 
6/9/2006  Jun Mizutani Ends the Curse of Table Three in Taipei     >>中文  2006 Photo By: Jackie Lai