Articles about MIZUTANI Jun JPN 
05/27/2016  Generations Apart, Ho Kwan Kit and Joo Saehyuk Cause Last Eight Surprises       Photo By: Robert Valai 
06/05/2016  Jun Mizutani Wins Second Title of Year, Hard Fought Success in Otocec       Photo By: Robert Valai 
06/06/2016  Players in Form, Winners Earlier in Year Head Impressive Australian Entry List       Photo By: Rémy Gros 
07/11/2012  Times Change, Four Years Later a Very Different Scenario for Jun Mizutani       Photo By: Remy Gros 
7/27/2008  The Land of the Rising Sun is the Land of the Rising Table Tennis Stars       Photo By: Ayoade Ademakinwa 
06/12/2016  Jun Mizutani Wins Third Title of Year, Completes Clean Sweep for Japan in Australia       Photo By: Ivy Hla 
04/24/2016  Defeat in Halmstad and Lisbon but in Warsaw Jun Mizutani Gains the Verdict       Photo By: Bogdan Pasek